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    Friday, June 22, 2018

    USB to Serial Adapter Video

    Instructions for enabling local communications with a USB to Serial Adapter.


    These instructions will assist you in using Telog’s USB to Serial Adapters. The USB to Serial Adapter is used in computers that do not have serial ports but do have available USB ports. The USB to Serial Adapter is used for direct connect, local communication with any Telog Instruments recorder.

    • Before using the USB to Serial Adapter you must first install the proper driver. The driver can be found on the CD that was supplied with the USB to Serial Adapter.

    • To install the driver you must double click on the installer, some computers will ask you if it’s o.k. to install this driver on your computer. If you receive a prompt like this after double clicking the installer, please click Yes. After double clicking, an installation screen will pop up, click Next.

    • **It is not possible to use the USB to serial adapter without installing the driver.**

    • Once installation is complete, click Finish.

    • Minimize this window and check the Device Manager (found in your control panel under "System") to see if the USB to Serial Adapter driver has been installed correctly.
    • Plug the USB to Serial Adapter into your PC.
    • The Device Manager will refresh and you will see a Ports Menu. Expand the Ports Menu and you will see your device listed.
    • The Com port where Prolific USB to Serial is listed will be the Com port you will choose in Telogers for Windows or TCC software when you enable local communication. (In this video it is Com 3, it may be different on your computer)
    • Minimize the Device Manger.
    • Connect all cables to the Telog recorder and the computer before opening  Telogers for Windows or TCC software.
    • Double click on the Telogers for Windows or TCC icon on your desktop.
    • When the software has opened go to Setup/Options/Communications. Check Enable Local Com and make sure to select the correct port in the drop down menu as was listed in the Device Manager. Whichever Com port was viewed in the Device Manager is the correct Com port to select here in the Telogers software. 
    • After selecting the correct Com port, click apply and close.
    • You are now ready for local communication with any Telog recorder.