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    Friday, June 22, 2018

    Mapping Feature Setup


    These instructions will assist you in setting up the mapping feature available in Telogers Enterprise software.

    • Telog Instruments has recently introduced a new mapping feature which allows users to view their sites on a web based map interface.

    • The GPS coordinates are inputted from Telog’s Enterprise software. Right click on the site you would like to plot on the map and select Properties.

    • Once the Site Properties window appears notice the latitude and longitude windows, this is where you will input your GPS coordinates. Please note the format.

    • Once the GPS coordinates have been inputted from Telog Enterprise, login to the Telog web module as the administrator.

    • Once logged in as the administrator, click the User Management link.

    • Each user can have a specific map showing only the sites pertinent to them. Click Edit next to the user that you would like to set up.

    • Once the user properties appear click the Map Setup tab then click Manage Sites.

    • The GPS coordinates are present because they were previously entered from Telog Enterprise. Once this has been verified click Go Back To Admin.

    • Under the Map Setup tab click Manage Maps.

    • The Map Configuration area is where you will setup your map. Click Create New Map, give your map a name and click Save.

    • Your map is now created. You may use your mouse to move to various geographic areas as well as zooming in and zooming out. You may also choose a Base Map Source in the upper right hand side corner, for example ESRI. Once your changes have been made click Save.

    • Once saved your new map is now selectable under the Map Setup tab. Place a check in the box and click Save.

    • Login as the user that you set the map up for; you will see your site plotted on the map as well as the geographic location that you chose.

    • Using the map in Telog Web Module gives a quick way to analyze your entire system. Click on any site and notice the status. To view the data from that site click the Click Here To View Chart link.