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    Friday, April 20, 2018

    Installing Telogers for Windows

    Instructions for installing Telogers for Windows. 



    These instructions will assist you in installing Telogers for Windows from a CD or from a downloaded file.

    • Insert supplied Telogers for Windows CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive.
    • To download the software go to and create a username and password. After logging in with the username and password you’ve created on the Support site, click the Downloads folder then Telogers for Windows and click Telogers for Windows. Then click the Download button.
    • After inserting the CD or downloading the software from the Support site, you will see a Setup TelogV icon. Double click on this to start the installer. Click Next. Accept the agreement, and click Next.
    • Review readme information.
    • Enter your Customer Information with the User Name, Organization, click Next.
    • Allow Telogers for Windows to install in the default directory.
    • Choose “Install as Telogers for Windows” and click Next.
    • Click Install button.
    • Enter the product ID that can be found on your CD jewel case. If you do not have a product ID, contact Telog Instruments.
    • Once the Installer is finished choose to show the readme file and click Finish.
    • A Telogers for Windows icon will appear on your desktop. Double click to start the program.