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Friday, February 24, 2017

Multi-Channel Recorders: Your eyes and ears in the field


  • Capacity to store up to 300,000 interval computations in memory
  • Accept analog or event inputs with sample rates from one per second up to one every eight hours
  • Combine these units with a power source and communication option
  • Administer a network of hundreds of remote recorders throughout your municipality or across your client base

Multi-Channel Recorders

OverviewR-3303R-3307R-3308R-3314R-3330Meters, Sensors, and Options
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R-33xx Multi-Channel Recorders
Remote Data Acquisition


  • User defined recording parameters 
  • Use in a network or as a solo datalogger
  • Easy integration with SCADA for remote point monitoring
  • Supports a variety of input types
  • Alarm notification and alarm recording
  • Telephone, cellular, radio & Ethernet communication options
  • Low power consumption


  • CSO/SSO monitoring and alarm notification 
  • Pump station run-time monitoring
  • I & I studies
  • Potable water distribution monitoring
  • Rain fall monitoring
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Facilities energy consumption

Powered By:

  • Battery
  • External DC


      The R-33xx recorders become your eyes and ears in the field. The recorders accept analog and/or event inputs with a sample rate of 1 per sec up to 1 per 8 hours, storing up to 300,000 interval computations in memory. R-33xx units record output from a variety of sensors such as pressure, level, flow, pH, temperature and humidity. Combine the R-33xx recorders with a power source and communication option to easily administer a network of hundreds of remote recorders.

      Alarm notification for critical point monitoring is available. Each alarm event is time-stamped and stored in the recorder's wrap around memory. Backup battery packs ensure data integrity in the event of a power source failure.

      Telog's R-33xx family of multi-channel remote recorders provide you with cost effective tools for gathering, understanding and managing information from your system. Designed for multiple applications, the R-33xx recorders can work in a network or as solo dataloggers, indoors or outdoors, battery-operated or externally powered. Support software copies the stored data for detailed analysis and professional presentations.

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