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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Telogers Enterprise System

One Solution From a Single Supplier

Now you can have data from all remote sites reside on a common platform, setting a new standard for accessibility and usefulness of the information you collect.

  • Collect Data: Telog's Recording Telemetry Units (RTUs) interface with any manufacturer's instruments
  • Transfer Data: Frequently and automatically
  • Manage Data: Organize, view, generate reports and archive data.
  • Share Data: Over your intranet or the Internet, using a web browser 
Download Enterprise Module Info Here:

Telogers Enterprise System Applications and Solutions

OverviewWastewater Collection
Water Distribution
Functions/BenefitsTelogers Enterprise SystemCrystal Reports OptionGIS ModuleMapping OptionNOAA ModuleStorms ModuleEnterprise to SCADA Interface

Wastewater Collection:

  • Flow
  • Level
  • Surcharge
  • Tank Level
  • Rainfall
  • Water Quality  

Water Distribution:

  • Level
  • PRV
  • Pump Runtime
  • Water Hammer
  • Water Pressure