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Friday, October 09, 2015

About Telog

Telog Instruments, Inc. was founded in 1984. The name Telog is an acronym derived from Telemetry and Data Logging, which combined with information management, defines the company's product model.

Telog is a privately held company located in Victor, NY, a suburb of Rochester. The company performs all business-related functions, product development, manufacturing, sales and service from its 20,000 square foot facility. The company's ownership is held by its management team.

Telog's business is remote data acquisition. We have extensive experience providing turnkey monitoring solutions to water and energy utilities throughout North America.

Telog's software solutions have evolved over the past decade as the Microsoft Operating System environment has evolved. Initially introduced as Telogers for Windows, this application has migrated from an Access database application employing only local and telephone landline communications, to Telog Enterprise, an enterprise level client/server architecture supporting a SQL database, real-time wireless communication and web-hosted data.

Over this period, our customers have been able to take advantage of dramatic changes in our data management host application's performance while retaining use of their field instrumentation. All Telog products, including the very first models Telog manufactured 20 years ago are supported by our Enterprise host software system.

Telog offers a comprehensive remote monitoring system for wastewater collection system operators. Identified as Telogers, it provides an automated means of collecting, archiving, presenting and sharing data from collection system remote assets such as flowmeters, rain gauges, CSO/SSO surcharge sensors, pre-treatment water quality sensors, lift stations, and pressure sensors.